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Week Five

We discovered an angry Blitz Bot and are holding him for interrogation. He says he knows where the map is that shows where the last Redskins Shard is located. Will you help us question him?

Well, the Blitz Botz betrayed me. To get back at them, I was planning on stealing the one thing that matters most to them—the last Redskins Shard.

I was going to follow their messenger—one of the only Blitz Botz who had the map to where the Shard is located. When he got home, I was going to sneak in and steal the map.

The messenger works on A Street. He walks about three blocks before he turns left onto D Street. After he makes this left, he crosses a park. Here, he usually does one of two things. He either plays a pick-up game of football with some other Blitz Botz, or he continues walking. I’ve watched him do both.

While watching the football game, I realized I was a better football player than the messenger. In fact, he was so bad, it was hard to watch.

I noticed him talking to his teammates after the game. He was talking about a party at his house that night. I listened as he gave his teammates directions. From the conversation, I gathered two locations his house could be at. The first was on the big hill overlooking Blitz Botz Land. The second was in the valley near Blitz Botz Forest. I went to both of these locations.

One day, I followed the messenger through the park. It was raining hard, so after about a mile, it became too difficult to see him. I had reason to believe that I was pretty close to his house, though. From what I could make out, he either turned toward the lake or went up a hill. To be sure, I went and took notes on both places.

The messenger’s house was here. I had found it. However, other Blitz Botz were on to me. They captured me just as soon as I got to the door. Then they dragged me out here. I eventually escaped them, but you guys found me. And here I am, captured again.

When I arrived, I noticed a strange burning smell. I saw that the water was glowing. Turns out, chemicals from a local factory were being dumped into the lake. Nobody could live here. After nearly fainting, I headed back to A Street.

This isn’t where the messenger lived. In fact, it is home to the town’s trash facility. After stepping on some scrap metal and nearly breaking my ankle, I hobbled back to A Street.

Thanks for interrogating the angry Blitz Bot—and for getting that map. It seems the Shard piece is in Blitz Botz Land. Go to the NFLRZ to make sure. And take this code before you go: GRILLTHEBLITZBOTZ. You can use it to get this week’s cool prize.

Tell us your story, Blitz Bot!"

How were you going to do that, Blitz Bot?"

Tell us how to get to the messenger’s house."

Tell us about these football games."

Tell us about when he continues walking."

That’s beside the point, Blitz Bot. Keep going."

Tell us more about the hill."

Tell us more about the valley."

Head to the messenger’s house and steal the map."

Tell us more about the lake."

Ok. Then tell us about the hill."