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Week Six

The Botz are attacking again. We think they have a weakness, though. Solve the two riddles below for a clue on how to defeat them.

What word is being described by the following four lines?

  1. The essence or heart of something.
  2. Another name for the center of the Earth.
  3. When referring to things like fruit, it's also a verb.
  4. Often used in a phrase that features the word "hard" before it.

What word is being described by the following three lines?

  1. In Redskins history, Darrell Green was arguably the best one of these.
  2. Someone or something that protects a person or place.
  3. The holder of a title.

It’s a four-letter word. Three of the letters in this word are “ORE.”

This word contains the word “fender” in it.

We have them figured out. Do you?
Hint Bubble

The Blitz Botz are going for the shard again, but thanks to your help, we’re ready for them. Go buy a Redskins helmet to protect yourself, then play Core Defender to protect the Shard from the Blitz Botz. Take this code as a thank you: DEFENDTHESHARD.